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I am author and entrepreneur, the cerebral palsy (CP) vigilante Zachary Fenell. The moniker “cerebral palsy vigilante” offers more than a cool nickname. Within stands the mission to fight against injustices caused by CP related stereotypes.

Through my memoir Off Balanced, blog posts, and more I aim to create a comprehensive look at life with cerebral palsy. After all, education remains the best remedy for dispelling stereotypes. To parents, teachers, and people outside the CP community I hope you find my content informative and helpful. For my peers with CP, I seek to provide you empathy and empowerment.

If you possess interest in bringing a guest speaker to your school or organization, I would love to talk. Email me at contact (at) zacharyfenell.com. Let us discuss how I could shape a message right for your audience.

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Cerebral Palsy Testimonial: Reverse Crunches for Improved Balance

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