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Zachary Fenell is more than just a freelance writer.

Hello. I am author and entrepreneur, the cerebral palsy (CP) vigilante Zachary Fenell. When first starting my entrepreneurial adventure, I described myself simply as a freelance writer. However, over time said description became inadequate. Through writing I developed many new skills. To say “I’m freelance writer Zachary Fenell” doesn’t properly depict my skill set.

Within my first few years freelancing I established myself within the disability niche. Additional opportunities emerged once I released my CP memoir Off Balanced in December 2011. Opportunities like writing for Think Inclusive and The Mobility Resource. Concentrating on exposing injustices caused by disability misconceptions led me to gain the nickname “cerebral palsy vigilante.”

Mike Berkson, Tim Wambach, and Zachary Fenell

Onstage with Mike and Tim after the two performed their show Handicap This.

Two others maintaining similar goals include Handicap This Productions (HTP)’s Mike Berkson and Tim Wambach. Individuals I enjoy a continuing working relationship with. Originally they hired me for my editing skills. Editing guest blog submissions remained a primary responsibility for me when I served as HTP’s Guest Blog Coordinator. The role gave me flashbacks to my days at Notre Dame College of Ohio (’09 graduate). My final two years there I ran their student newspaper The Notre Dame News as Editor-in-Chief.

Back to Handicap This Productions and my professional credentials though. In 2014 HTP promoted me to Online Relationship Manager. This job title involves helping Handicap This with their social media presence. Much I know about social media strategy I learned using social media to promote Off Balanced.

Other opportunities connected to Off Balanced surfaced in December 2013. Firstly, I presented on a panel for Parent to Parent of Georgia’s webinar “Finding Your Way: Transitioning from High School to College.” Secondly I teamed with author/motivational speaker John W. Quinn and Tim Wambach to start a live cerebral palsy Twitter chat, #CPChatNow. Today I still co-host the chat.

Life experiences throughout 2015 and 2016 sparked greater evolution beyond mere freelance writer. I trained to complete a half marathon, an accomplishment I achieved in October 2016. The entire process proved extremely rewarding. Enter my venture into merchandising. Using CustomInk I designed a workout shirt. I felt compelled to pay forward the encouragement I received during my training.

Increasing efforts to dispel disability misconceptions, I also turned to public speaking. A warm reception at a local author event in July 2016 supplying the catalyst. Since then I spoke to high school athletes and elementary school students among other groups. Please checkout my “Speaking” page to inquire about my speaking services.

Although I obviously focus on disability issues, I possess other interests as well. One I showcase in my second book Rock Realities. I interviewed 13 different musicians for the book. Then I wrote an article based off each interview. Besides providing an entertaining read to music enthusiasts Rock Realities displays my interview skills.

Outside writing I am a huge Cleveland Indians fan. I mean HUGE, Unless I’m out with friends I don’t miss a game. If you subscribe to my blog, you will notice I reference the Indians whenever appropriate. Fill out the following to subscribe.

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